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Wular Lake, located in the Jammu and Kashmir region of northern India, is something of a mystery. The name Wular is believed to be a corruption of the Sanskrit word Ullola, meaning turbulent. Formed by tectonic activity, Wular Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Asia.Wular Lake may be regarded as the delta of the Jhelum in Kashmir.In its course from Kanabal to the Delta the fall of the river is 165 feet in the 30 miles,and 55 feet in the next 24 miles.From the Baramullathe fall is very slight. In December ,when the river is at its lowest, the average breadth is 210 feet and its mean depth is 9 feet. To the ordinary observer it would seem evident that the river arose from the grand spring of deep blue water at Vernag which bubbles up underneath a steep scrap of rock clothedwith pines, but the Hindus maintain that a spring a little Vernag, known as Vethvatru, has the honour of being the source of the great Kashmir River .
Impacts of wetland degradation on livelihoods

High dependence on natural resources, declining resource base and limited opportunities for occupational diversification have led to high levels of poverty within the communities. Population falling below poverty line around Wular ranges between 41 – 52% as compared to state

Health hazards
Absence of adequate sanitation and safe drinking water facilities have led to severe health hazards particularly for the lakeshore communities.

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